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Star Goes Nova
Star Goes Nova





Within the darkness, Star Goes Nova found the light in her music, creating art that pulled her from the grips of despair and loss. Star Goes Nova creates music combining real instrumentation with electronica primarily through her 115 year old piano. She finds meaning in space, time, and thought.

More widely known as bassist Christine Law in Southern California, she has toured and recorded with the famous and the obscure. Her career started touring and recording with Martha Davis during her hiatus from the Motels. Soon thereafter, she became known as a bassist in Los Angeles clubs with Jan Kuehnemunde’s (Vixen) “Drawing Down The Moon” project. She often collaborates with Grammy winner John Baffa and platinum selling songwriters Suzanne Paris and David Holster.

Her influences include Blackmill, Glitch Mob, Illenium, Pink Floyd, Yes, Porter Robinson, and pianist Yiruma. Power and beauty are her inspirations. “I follow anything Space and often the Falcon 9 rocket or Hubble galaxy sonifications are in my music,” she shares. She just released her self-titled album, Star Goes Nova. The 8 song album features 6 previously released songs that have been remixed for the album, giving them more of a sci-fi and space like sound, and features 2 new singles, “Phat Barbarella” and “Words and Stardust.”

Musically and sonically, Star Goes Nova has a clear connection to the likes of Zedd, Pink Floyd, Seven Lions, and Avicii. Star Goes Nova is not like any other EDM or chillwave you’ll ever hear. It’s cinematic and future trap qualities elevate it to another level that not many artists have gone. When you listen to the music, you almost lift out of your seat, your body moves on it’s own accord as the music grips your spirit and soul.

Star Goes Nova is worth a listen. You’ll find that you’ll be both entrances and dancing along to the music.



The queen of ambient electronica and dance music debuts her EDM, drum and bass, and chillwave self-titled album, Star Goes Nova. The artist, also known as Los Angeles bassist Christine Law, connects her swirling spirit with her 115 year old piano to create the synths we know and love. She finds meaning in time, space, and thought, often including the sounds of rockets and the stars in her music.

“Phat Barbarella” was released alongside her album. It was inspired by Jane Fonda’s 1968 sci-fi film Barbarella. Dubstep vibes, retro synths and grim bass take the Queen of the Galaxy on her quest for love. Light-hearted and fun, starship travelers party in zero-g. Rarely seen in her videos, Star Goes Nova appears as the astronaut queen leading the quest for party fun through retro psychedelia.

It has a Pink Floyd vibe to it with a big cinematic energy that guides the story. She plays with instrumentation and electronic sounds, which creates emotion in the song, like it’s alive. The tempo is smooth and the beat gets under your skin, like an itch that needs to be scratched and the only way to relieve it is to dance along.


Star Goes Nova, aka Christine, is a music composer, sound engineer, producer and multi-instrumentalist who creates epic Neoclassical Electronica stories that combine real instruments with EDM sonics. Star Goes Nova is redefining EDM musical creativity and sonic innovation by layering instruments like her 115 year old grand piano, power drums, and grime bass music with processed beats and electronic sounds.

She just released her new EDM and dubstep EP, Star Goes Nova, an 8 song collection of sonic excellence that is bound to get you in, well, a trance. The EP features six of her previously released singles that have been remixed to accommodate the sci-fi and space-like theme. You still get her entrancing sounds and electronic melodies with a hint of stylized instrumentation.

She features two new singles, the cinematic sci-fi song "Phat Barbarella" and the compelling chilltrap and future bass song "Words and Stardust." Both illuminate Star Goes Nova's innovative style in their own ways. "Phat Barbarella" was influenced by the sci-fi space opera movie genre, taking Jane Fonda's 1968 classic Barbarella into a dubstep psychedelic future. "Words and Stardust" has an almost Avicci meets Zedd sound to it, with catchy synth melodies and a musical story.

Star Goes Nova is made for the club scene. Her layers of sounds and textures styles is beyond the stars. You can listen on all streaming platforms now.


Returning with another intergalactic story told through music is Star Goes Nova with “Hazelwood Moon”. Star Goes Nova invites vocalist Fuse to sing on her track as she produces a very sweet and melodic tune. As always, Star Goes Nova flawlessly combines electronic dubstep with classical instruments to create music that sounds out of this world. Star Goes Nova brings in her well-known 115 year old piano to create the main harmonies of the song.

This single, although it has a tinge of eerie, ominous music, is more mellow than Star Goes Nova’s previous singles. This is something far more powerful and engulfing. Star Goes Nova makes something that feels as though we are shifting from past to present on this soundscape journey. “Hazelwood Moon” makes a listener feel as though they are floating through space, able to see and touch all the marvelous and mystical things that float around them. Whereas her other singles seemed to be more fast-paced, this song is much slower, allowing us to bask in the feeling of floating through beautiful beings in space.

The dubstep undertones cast an eerie glow on other words a mellow and wistful song. The classical instrumentation counters the dubstep and adds an air of wealth around the song. Star Goes Nova has done yet another amazing job at creating music that is celestial and attainable. A listener can close their eyes and imagine the world she wants us to be in. We can feel relaxed while also frightened from the past that lurks in the shadows. A heavenly being shares their love with us, which can make us feel wistful towards the love wasted in the past.

Star Goes Nova embraces the strong similarity with Pink Floyd in this single. During their experimental phase, they too made us feel as though we were traveling through outer space. They have darker soundscaping songs and they have some lighter ones. Star Goes Nova combines both the dark with the light in this single. She carries out the dark past, but uses her soundscaping abilities to make us feel lightweight and royal. This song is different from her previous releases, but it truly brings about some deeper emotions within this soundscape. Star Goes Nova’s power to take us to an otherworldly experience astounds us and yet never seems to let us down. “Hazelwood Moon” is a very beautiful piece of art.


Through her empathetic and intrinsic capabilities, Star Goes Nova lights a fire in her listeners to reach for the stars and beyond. Working with Grammy producer John Baffa, Christine Law reinvented herself from a well-known Southern California bassist to a multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer. As Star Goes Nova, she creates epic Neoclassical Electronica stories that combine real instruments with EDM sonics, transcending past and future. “The Apprentice” is an epic tale for all who desperately search for meaning. Weaving her 115 year old classical piano, power drums, deep bass EDM themes and featuring Disney vocalist Karen Eden, Star Goes Nova gives her listeners a space to find personal power and dream of magical worlds.

Inspired by Game of Thrones and other Viking tales, “The Apprentice” is a Neoclassical Electronica story of a young dreamer searching for beauty and power. Star Goes Nova, aka Christine Law from the Santa Barbara area, is a multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer who masterfully bonds dubstep drums, grime bass and a 115 year old grand piano. Well known on the Southern California scene as a bassist, Christine’s life was changed by her personal battle with the Thomas Fire to save her horses. Being surrounded by flames, she experienced a dimension that merged the real with the unreal and became Star Goes Nova. The melding of her hardcore and childhood orchestra sonic aesthetics was literally forged by fire. Working with Grammy producer John Baffa and Disney vocalist Karen Eden, “The Apprentice” embraces the magical possibilities of symphonic fantasy and EDM to give the listener a space to find their own power and magic.


Star Goes Nova Reveals Gorgeous Track “The Apprentice”

Star Goes Nova is big kick drums, deep grime bass and cinematic electronic music. Dubstep compositions of fantasy and power feature Christine’s one-hundred year old grand piano, guest vocalists and guitarists, and Christine’s groovy, bad-ass bass. Her new song “The Apprentice” is the perfect first listening experience to the artist.
More widely known as bassist Christine Law in Southern California, she’s toured and recorded with the famous and the obscure; credits include hardcore band Tantrum, Theo Mordey (Jesus Christ Superstar), Charles Law & Jagged (college radio), Grammy winner John Baffa and platinum selling songwriters Suzanne Paris and David Holster. You’ll hear fantastic collaborations with different artists on Star Goes Nova songs!
Star Goes Nova is a music composer, sound engineer, producer, multi-instrumentalist and performer on the Southern California scene. My inspirations are Seven Lions, Leah, Leo Z, Pink Floyd and Illenium. Star Goes Nova is the fantasy come true of my technical imagination, hardcore rock band, EDM festival and high school orchestra experiences.


"It is an utterly gorgeous piece and whether you consider it classical music or electronica, a combination of both or something else altogether is irrelevant. All I know is that the world is a better place for having this in it."

Say the phrase classical music and most people will automatically think of the past. But classical music is a genre like any other and so it moves with the times too. Star Goes Nova makes music that could easily be seen as the cutting edge of that genre, especially with this gorgeous creation.

Okay, it blends electronic music through its more expected classical grace, it is full of modern beats and futuristic sonics but the tools of the trade are always evolving, so why not?

The Ocean Between Stars, a title that already sets fantastic scenes and imaginative scenarios in motion, is a gorgeously ornate gathering of sounds past and present, digital and analogue, classical and classic. It flows rather than grooves, it shimmers with beauty as electronic creations rain down through the cinematic washes and sweeps which form its sonic bedrock.

It is an utterly gorgeous piece and whether you consider it classical music or electronica, a combination of both or something else altogether is irrelevant. All I know is that the world is a better place for having this in it. 


Christine Law, otherwise known as Star Goes Nova, is a master at techno pop music. She has an uncanny ability to find beauty and art where others may not. She says “I follow anything Space and often the Falcon 9 rocket or Hubble galaxy sonifications are in my music. I have majestic baroque Friesian horses, the black feathered Viking horse ridden by knights – there is also a bit of their ancient nobility in the dubstep bass of my songs!” Her new song “Moonlight Beat” gives us space vibes, but also a touch of classical. She uses the piano in this piece in lockstep with the starry, fantastical, and echoing beat. It’s on the slower side, but that’s intentional. It’s not meant to make you get up and pump it like dubstep, but rather put you in a mystical state of mind, a trance of musical majesty and mastery. “Moonlight Beat” is telling a story.

What’s fun about it is the eye of the beholder effect it has. It truly means something different to everyone. Star Goes Nova wants us to connect through music and this song definitely does that. We may not be going through the same story, but we are certainly connected through her powerful electronic music. She says “I’ve always thought of myself as an intrinsic soul, finding meaning in space and time and thought. Music is the magical dimension that connects us all to the real and the unreal. I create epic stories that combine real instruments with electronica, transcending past and future, told through my 115 year old piano, power drums and deep bass music.

It’s truly a captivating journey that she takes us through, both in music and video. Her purpose is to use music to connect us all, and I would say she is successfully doing that with “Moonlight Beat” and the video only elevates the experience. She states, “We are truly epic beings, built from primordial realities and reaching for future worlds. Let’s connect and experience sonic dimensions together.”

These sonic manifestations are empathic spaces to stargaze, gather personal power or share thoughts from other worlds.” “Moonlight Beat” is unlike any other electronic song out there. It tells a story and takes you through a journey. You are put into a musical trance or coma rather than party mode. She really knows how to work techno pop and we hope she gives us more.

From the Artist : “Moonlight Beat” is a cinematic dubstep instrumental composition that visits an alien planet with a moonlit sky. Star Goes Nova’s spaceship travels the galaxy bringing sweet sonic stories to far flung planets. A ribbon of mathematically harmonized notes floats through an alien atmosphere, dancing on moonlight wavelengths. Can you hear the shooting stars and creatures of the regolith?


Star Goes Nova Unleashes "City of Angels"

Star Goes Nova rockets us to a futuristic dance rave with her latest release. City of Angels is a space station that is the fantastical pleasure dome of legend. The actual Falcon 9 rocket launch roars us into the midst of a polyrhythmic people whose diversity is celebrated through dubstep drums, intricate instrument layers and chanting. Well known on the Southern California scene as a bassist, Christine Law transformed herself as sound engineer and multi-instrumentalist Star Goes Nova. Working with Grammy producer John Baffa, Star Goes Nova combines real instruments with electronica and dubstep bass and drums to create epics that are beautiful and powerful. Star Goes Nova melds backgrounds of hardcore bands and orchestra into diverse sonic landscapes and often incorporates the sounds of space. Star Goes Nova is an instrumental artist who deeply breathes in universal human experiences and breathes out sound waves that reverberate through all beings. Her intricate music and technicolor visualizers ignite the senses and energize the soul.


With emerging sounds similar to that of The Glitch Mob and other technological superstars, unique electrifying sounds take over in “City of Angels”. Epic fantasy immediately fills your senses and takes you to the stars. Deep grime bass and masterful instrumentalism dance around you, and you won’t want to walk away. As you listen a sense of electric power combines with explorative escapism to transcend past the current moment. Cinematic and made perfectly for the next intergalactic rave, Star Goes Nova shot past the moon with “City of Angels”.

The famed Christine Law’s multi-genre expertise shines through her latest release. Fascinating use of a plethora of instruments forms an audio experience meant to grace the vastness of the galaxy. With specialized legendary audio of the Falcon 9 launch, listers will feel as though they belong among the Milky Way in an EDM dream.

Whether listening intently to the intricacies beautifully layered into each moment of the track or enjoying the highlighted and surreal frontliners - “City of Angels” is certainly that. Audiences of all backgrounds will find themselves looking to board the next flight Star Goes Nova takes them on with eager anticipation. A voyage that will be unquestionably filled with sonic rhythm and exciting dubstep drums to enchant and entertain amongst the cosmos.

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